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Since 1945, Spac’s history has been built on projects that have evolved in terms of scale and diversity and on the gradual integration of employees brought together to serve a global mission: the construction and maintenance of water and energy transport and distribution networks.

Today, Spac, a Colas Group subsidiary, employs 1,200 people whose expertise is recognized by prestigious and demanding customers.

Our ambition for the future is to take our company and our employees forward to the next level. For us, this is the best way to remain a prime mover in the eyes of our customers and address their specific needs. Driving everything we do, innovation and the development of integrated solutions enable us to go further and support our customers throughout their projects.

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We believe that innovation is transforming the world and how we work. We therefore opted to focus on innovation through our Made By Spac program.


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We promote proximity and synergies between professions and with our customers to achieve success together.


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Our aim is to provide our customers with high added-value solutions, through integrated offers combining our project engineering, implementation and management expertise.


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We address the needs of new emerging markets through Spac’s international development.


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Networks: they are not only our business. Spac is also a network of employees whose team spirit is channeled into ensuring the satisfaction of our customers.


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Spac is driven by an ambition: to help its employees grow professionally. To achieve this, we provide a stimulating working environment conducive to development and evolution.


Join a dynamic company so that our ambition becomes yours and our shared objectives become a reality!


Our recruitment process is deliberately fast.
Following an initial interview with one of our Human Resources managers, you will meet your future manager. For you, these two interviews are an opportunity to get to know our company and gain a better understanding of what your role entails.
From our point of view, we are seeking people who are keen to be part of a team and a dynamic company, a prime mover in the eyes of its customers.

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