Spac has a new logo!

Spac has a new logo and will take on the Colas Group’s corporate identity as of July 1. Our logo, initially orange, will match Colas’ color and shape: A diamond followed by a herringbone pattern. The Spac brand – renowned in our market and supported by its employees since 1945 – remains, as well as the “Sharing our ambitions” baseline. “In order to bring Spac even closer to the Colas Group’s dynamic, while preserving our brand’s strong identity, we have adapted our corporate identity without changing our name and baseline”, explains Christophe Mansuy, Spac’s President. “Colas and Spac’s shared ambition to come closer is an opportunity to benefit more from the Group’s synergies, particularly outside of France.” This new identity visually brings Spac into the Colas world, opening the way together, backed by the strength of a major group. You can view the change here:

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