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Spac is committed

Actions carried out by our company determine its economic performance and also have an impact on the socio-economic players present in our markets and on our jobsites, as well as the environment in which we operate. We are determined to ensure this impact is in line with our – and your – CSR and Quality commitments.



Working within a framework governed by environmental, social and ethical issues is a preoccupation we share with you. We make sure that each of our actions takes into consideration all of our stakeholders: our customers, our employees, our suppliers and partners, but also communities, shareholders, public authorities, and non-governmental organizations. To do so, we are making a series of commitment in line with our 2021 strategy:


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The preservation
of the environment


The loyalty
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Our attention to local communities and development

All of Spac’s managers and employees are encouraged to promote this policy and act in line with these commitments in order to establish Spac as the responsible leader in the water and energy transport and distribution sector and your privileged partner. With this in mind, Spac has implemented different actions and has obtained a Gender Equality Index of 81/100.

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In 2003, Spac launched a proactive certification program aimed at ensuring projects are executed as part of an approach driven by the interests of our customers, employees and the environment. Our integrated Quality / Safety / Environment management system is a performance factor for the company and for you. Spac’s partners enjoy peace of mind, knowing that all work is carried out within a strict regulatory framework.

ISO 9001 v2015 certification
You are at the heart of everything we do: as part of a continuous improvement approach, Spac is committed, via its ISO 900-certified Quality system, to listening to your current requirements and anticipating your future needs. All our employees are committed to ensuring these quality requirements are met at all times during the exercise of their functions.

OHSAS 18001 v2007 certification
Spac’s safety culture is reflected in an unfailing commitment at every level of the company. Our Health and Safety system is designed to enable us to analyze and anticipate risks in order to reduce the occurrence of accidents and work-related illnesses. All our employees and partners are concerned and must comply with our 13 Rules of Conduct. OHSAS 18001 certification reflects and recognizes this. Since safety cannot simply be reduced to a handful of rules of conduct and certifications, Spac has joined forces with the ICSI to support its safety culture day to day (link to relevant page).

ISO 14001 v2015 Certification
In our rapidly changing world, the environment is becoming an increasing concern for each and every one of us. Spac is ISO 14001-certified, reflecting our proactive and responsible approach to the environment. In delivering successful projects and addressing your concerns, we also focus on protecting our planet’s future and minimizing the impact of our activities, partly via the rational use of our resources.

This triple certification forms the foundation for the management of all our entities and businesses.

MASE v2014 Certification
A standard drawn up by companies for companies, MASE is designed to improve the Health, Safety and Environment culture. Spacoperates within the framework of this certification since all accidents can be avoided and none should be accepted. This system supplements and reinforces our HSE management system. It is recognition given to us by our peers and our customers sitting on regional steering committees.

Spac is MASE-certified for seven entities: Aulnay-sous-Bois, Bordeaux, Port-de-Bouc and Toulouse for Pipelines; Bordeaux for Industrial Projects; Nanterre for high-voltage underground networks; Dunkirk for Water.

Asbestos removal and encasement activities in accordance with French standard X46-010
Asbestos removal and encasement activities are strictly regulated. In order to protect the health of our employees and that of interested parties, and with a view to cleaning up the environment, Spac implements asbestos exposure monitoring mechanisms and dust control measures, as well as removal and disposal methods. A virtuous approach that also helps ensure you comply with regulations.
Spac has French standard X010-46-certification for four entities: Port-de-Bouc, Aulnay-sous-Bois, Châteaulin and Hennebont.

Certification of network location service providers: French standard S70-003-3
1 January 2018 saw the introduction of compulsory certification for network location specialists whose role is to detect and accurately georeference existing networks (Class A). In the same way as expert surveyors, Spac is certified and has the resources and expertise required for the geo-referencing of the networks we install. It is a guarantee of confidence regarding the correct execution of the localization process for you and our operatives.
Spac has French standard S70-003-3 certification for seven entities: Aulnay-sous-Bois, Bordeaux and Toulouse for Pipelines; Bordeaux for Industrial Projects; Gennevilliers and Saint-Germain-de-la-Grange for Gas and Electricity Distribution; Nanterre for High-Voltage Underground Networks.

Accreditation for inspection activities in accordance with ISO/IEC 17020 v2012
To ensure compliance with the regulatory context, Spac is accredited to carry out inspections, i.e., the final verification of the technical compliance of networks. Through our accreditation initiatives, we establish confidence and trust in the service provided, meeting the requirements of independence, impartiality, transparency and competence.
The scope of accreditation No. 3-0620 (Spac Ploumagoar sector) can be found on the www.cofrac.fr website.


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