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Spac stands out

Safety and innovation are our priorities and we work tirelessly on both areas to guarantee you enjoy the best possible collaboration.

everyone’s responsibility!

We do everything within our power to achieve our zero accident target. This focus ensures that when you work with us, you are choosing a partner with the same high standards as yourself in terms of compliance with health and safety rules. As our recurring customers have already discovered for themselves, these high standards mean that you can confidently trust us to manage your projects.


How does this culture translate in concrete terms? Our “Rules of Conduct” form the foundations for the prevention of our major risks, setting out the good practices that must be adhered to in order to ensure the safety of the people present on jobsites.

Moreover, as well as dealing with recurring issues such as addictions, psychosocial risks and road traffic, we decided to improve our safety culture to achieve our objectives and embed our progress in the fields of health and safety. To this end, Spac has launched a specific program with the French Institute for an Industrial Safety Culture (ICSI), the reference body in this field.
Following on from an in-house survey concerning perceptions of safety culture, enthusiastically received by our employees, working groups share and roll out the best safety practices. A positive and rewarding approach that engages our employees in a virtuous process in which everyone is a winner.

Benefits for all

The aim of our Made By Spac innovation program is to generate and implement new ideas in terms of goods, services, processes, organizations and business in order to improve the working environment and address your needs. Our vocation is to help you solve your problems through innovation, developing, for example, solutions based on new technologies or adapting practices from other sectors to our industry. You benefit from these advances, be they technical or organizational, since they make it possible to improve the operation and conduct of our jobsites: time savings, better compliance with regulations, etc.

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