Spac is committed to ensuring that its website is accessible, in line with Article 47 of the French Act n° 2005-102 of 11 February 2005.
To that end, Spac is rolling out the strategy and actions set out in its multi-annual blueprint that is being drawn up. This accessibility declaration applies to the Spac website.



The Spac website partially complies with the RGAA (the French General Accessibility Improvement Framework) 4.1 at Double-A (AA) level as a result of the non-conforming elements and derogations set out below.  


The outcome of the conformity audit undertaken by the digital accessibility organisation Ipedis revealed that the average conformity index is 72.31%:
•    47 criteria were met 
•    18 criteria were not met
•    41 criteria did not apply


The content set out below is not accessible for the following reasons: 

Several non-conforming elements are set out in this document, some of them occurring more than once on several pages:
•    Decorative images are not discarded by the screen reader
•    Images containing information do not have any relevant alternative text
•    Insufficient contrast between the background colour and the text of some interface elements
•    The video of the general meeting page has neither text transcription nor audio description
•    The video of the general meeting page does not have sub-titles
•    The online headers are not correctly given on the Financial information page
•    Some link and button clicks are not obvious
•    Interactive elements are not set up in an accessible way (drop-down list, carousel, modal window) 
•    Search results are not vocalised at the end of the search
•    The source code is not always valid
•    Texts are illegible when zoomed in at 200%
•    Some text is no longer legible when the text spacing properties are augmented
•    For some input fields, the search bar has no label
•    Page zones are not correctly defined
•    The tab order is not always consistent
•    The focus is on the background when the modal window is open
•    PDF documents cannot be accessed
•    The home page video cannot be managed by the user 
Derogations due to disproportionate requirements 

No derogation was identified

Content not subject to accessibility obligation
A reCAPTCHA exists but is not subject to accessibility obligations because it is external content.

If you are unable to access a service or any content, you are kindly requested to contact the website manager who will direct you to alternative accessible content, or who will get the content in another form.
Contact the Spac communication directorate at this email address: