Our integrated management system

    An integrated Q-CSR Management system focussed on the ACT business project – a responsible initiative

    Spac is focussed on the ISO9001 quality management system certification, incorporating the eight CSR pillars to form a system that is pragmatic and close to its business activities – together with business certifications in line with its scope of activity. 

    Certification in line with MASE v2014 standards

    The purpose of the Enterprise Safety Improvement Manual – ‘MASE’ in French – is to enhance the Spac Health, Safety and Environment culture. The MASE is put together by businesses for businesses, and Spac has signed up to the certification – after all, every accident is avoidable and any accident is unacceptable. The system completes and underpins our Health, Safety and Environment management, and is a recognition from our peers and our customers that sit on regional steering committees. 
    Spac is MASE-certificated for seven establishments:  

    Aulnay-sous-Bois, Bordeaux, Port-de-Bouc and Toulouse for Pipeline activity; Bordeaux for Industrial Projects; Nanterre for high-voltage Sub-surface Connections; and Dunkirk for Water activity. 

    Asbestos removal and encapsulation in line with NF X

    Work to remove and encapsulate asbestos is subject to strict regulation. Spac makes use of devices and tools that monitor exposure to asbestos and dust, and uses special methods for removing and eliminating asbestos – the purpose of that is to maintain the good health of our workers and other involved parties, and also to remove environmental pollution. As well as being ethically sound, it also supports you in your compliance with regulations.

    Spac is certificated in line with standard NF X010-46 for four establishments: Port-de-Bouc, Aulnay-sous- Bois, Châteaulin, and Hennebont. 

    Service-provider certification in network location in line with NF S70-003-3

    It has been compulsory since 01 January 2018 for service-providers that locate networks to be certificated for detection and precise geo-referencing services (Class A). Spac is certificated in the same way as are surveyor companies, and has all the necessary resources and skills to geo-reference the network assemblies that we build. It is a testament to our confidence in the proper execution of the information-gathering process for you, and for our operational entities.

    Spac is certificated in line with standard NF S70-003-3 for seven establishments: Aulnay-sous-Bois, Bordeaux and Toulouse for Pipeline activity; Bordeaux for Industrial projects; Gennevilliers and Saint- Germain-de-la-Grange for Gas and Electricity Distribution activity; and Nanterre for high-voltage Sub-surface Connections activity. 

    Accreditation of inspection activities in line with NF EN ISO/CEI 10720 v2012

    So that you can be sure of compliance with regulatory requirements, Spac is accredited for the purposes of carrying out inspections - in other words, completing a final check of the technical compliance of work done. Our accreditation process means that we make sure that you are confident that the services provided have been completed properly, and that they meet requirements relating to independence, impartiality, transparency, and competence.

    Accreditation N°3-0620 of the Spac Ploumagoar power plant: its scope can be viewed at this website:  www.cofrac.fr.  



    MASE v2014

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