Our business activities

    The business of Spac sits right at the heart of the energy transition. Our ‘energy network’ expertise and know-how mean that we are in a great position to support our customers and employees as the energy transition gets under way at national and international level.

    For 75 years, Spac has been involved in the domains of engineering, construction, and maintenance of energy and water networks across 6 primary activity sectors:  

    •    Oil & Gas: transport, distribution and storage of gas and oil, compression and reverse flow stations, fuel networks
    •    Electricity: high and low voltage distribution and transport networks
    •    Water: transport and distribution networks for waste and drinking water, fire protection networks
    •    Civil engineering: design, onsite completion, prefabrication and renovation of works
    •    Renewable energy: installation of units of production, distribution, storage and link-ups with renewable energy networks (hydrogen, biomass, methanisation)
    •    Heating and cooling networks: networks to transport and distribute heat and cooling
    •    Clean-up: regeneration of sites and polluted soil (Colas Environnement)

    Spac also continues with the development of its business activities at international level by drawing on sustainable and local set-ups (including Germany, Ivory Coast, and Gabon). We have a presence particularly in already-existing Colas Group set-ups. Our primary objective is to monitor the quality of our business partners alongside local decision-makers, and to ensure that each country’s context and particular points are properly understood.