The men and women at Spac are building the success of the business day in day out, through their professionalism and their commitment.

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Christophe Leblanc, Human Resources Director at Spac  

Since 1945, the story of Spac has been written thanks to those who work here and who have come together around one mission: the achievement of ever more ambitious and diversified projects related to the construction and maintenance of networks around transport, water, and energy distribution. Today Spac - a subsidiary of the Colas group - employs almost 1000 people who are acclaimed by our prestigious, demanding clients for their expertise. It is vital that we continually adapt our organisations and nurture our people, who are at the centre of our business plan, in order to best respond to our customers’ needs and expectations as our marketplaces evolve - and as we evolve in the world. Innovation and development are integrated into what we offer and sit at the heart of our practices. That means that we will go that extra mile, and that we support our customers all the way through their projects.

HR Policy

Attracting, nurturing and retaining talent through managerial excellence 

Our future depends on our people, and because of that Spac has always been strongly committed to leveraging managerial excellence in order to attract, nurture, and retain talent to ensure that people reach their full potential right the way through their career. To achieve that, the goal of our human resources is to:

  • attracting new talent based on diversity in terms of nationality, gender and mindset by foregrounding the Spac brand and its values (#Respect, #Share, #Bebold).
  •   creating a work environment that is inclusive, in which everyone feels valued and respected for their contribution. Our policy is a long-term one, and the relationship between the business and its employees must be sustainable.
  •   developing careers through training and also through equality of opportunity as a way of facilitating an environment characterised by well-being at work where the work-life balance is respected, and where people are encouraged to be committed to the place in which they are working. The DIAMAN programme is an example of the dynamic support policy offered to employees in their professional development. 

DIAMAN programme

The support tool for Managers 

Here at Spac you get to benefit from a personalised training programme to develop your specialised expertise, or to prepare you for greater responsibilities. Our workers’ sharing and mobility mindset mean that we can be in tune with evolutions in our marketplaces and in our clients’ needs.

Our DIAMAN pathway supports Spac employees in their management growth within the business. The tool is designed for use by all employees and all jobs within the business. We support people as they move towards taking on positions such as: 

•    Site manager
•    Works manager
•    Area manager/Assistant manager
•    Operations manager, Service manager
In 2022, 16 employees were involved in the DIAMAN pathway. 

Graduate Program

An immersive experience at our sites

Special attention is given to young graduates via our ‘Tour de France’ graduate program. Are you a young graduate with a Masters level qualification (Master 2, Engineering College) and interested in getting a career under way in works management and site supervision? You get an intense and rich onsite experience with our programme:
3 blocks of work, each lasting 4 months, during which you are embedded at our sites where you can find out all about the diversity and abundance of jobs that we do.  

Key Figures

  • personnel recruited in 2021

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  • employees (as at 31 December 2021)