Who are we ?

We are a global leader in the construction and maintenance of transport infrastructure, opening the way to tomorrow’s innovative, sustainable mobility.

Our Mission

To design, build and maintain your energy and water networks.

Designing solutions that enable energy and water network operators to acheive their objectives is about giving everyone the means to deal with the major challenges we face. For many years, Spac's core mission has been anchored in societal issues such as supporting access to drinking water, cleaning up the waste water of a world population that will rise from 7 to 9 billion by 2050, and reducing energy consumption. Wherever we are, we listen to our customers' and partners' needs and expectations, and we bring to the table our full range of expertise and our wide-ranging capacity for innovation to create and build infrastructure that is high-performance, responsible and sustainable. 

Our action

Connecting communities and fostering exchanges for the world of today and tomorrow. 

Transport is about more than just getting from point A to point B. Transport infrastructure is the bond that connects people and communities. Roads, streets, railways, seaports and airports are the primary social networks in today’s modern world. Since it was founded, Colas has been building and maintaining transport infrastructure, fostering human connections, cultural exchanges and economic activity in communities around the world.

Our ambition

Being the world leader in innovative, sustainable mobility solutions.

Improving mobility requires a relentless, on-going focus on innovation. One of the great challenges of the world today lies in inventing new mobility solutions that meet the expectations and requirements of stakeholders, users and customers alike. As a world leader, our pioneering spirit and our innovative drive allow us to explore every avenue of sustainable mobility for the future. We are gradually positioning ourselves as an integrator of global sustainable mobility solutions, in anticipation of augmented-reality roads and sustainable cities. 

Our Values

Respect, Share and Be Bold

These three values encapsulate the unique way in which men and women at Spac realise their mission. They live those values, day in day out, at our worksites and construction areas.



Our work means that we encounter nature. We work at the water’s edge. The town is our day-to-day work site. Once we have done our work we never leave the earth, street or river bank in a distressed state. The only traces we leave are running water and heating, energy in the home or in the factory, and works that are useful to aquatic zones.

The foundation of our culture and ambition is respect for nature and respect for ourselves, our workers, our business partners and customers, and also our society.  That’s why our priority will always be to behave in an ethical manner, and to ensure the safety of those around us.

Being respectful

First off, respect is about being an example and listening to others to create the conditions that make it possible for every employee to express themselves clearly, and to progress.

Being respectful

It’s about concretising our commitments through powerful actions in terms of the organisation’s environmental and corporate social responsibility (CSR).

Being respectful

It’s about doing everything to best respond to the needs of our customers.



Sharing and togetherness have been part of the culture of Spac and its projects right from the outset.

We are confident that the pooling of talent and resources in all their diversity, alongside teamworking and cross-sector fertilisation, are a source of progress and new ideas.


It’s about creating optimal conditions for working as a team by nurturing trust, responsibility, and togetherness.


It’s about encouraging knowledge-sharing between generations, and about putting your expertise at the service of Spac, customers, partners and others.


Be bold


We are among those who are hungry for advancement, and eager to scope out new horizons and reinvent ourselves. That’s why here at Spac there’s always a way to get a project off the ground, and to launch ideas and initiatives that generate value.

Being bold

It's about encouraging initiative.

Being bold

It’s about offering everyone the chance to get started.

Being bold

It’s about pushing back the frontiers of what’s possible.

Where it all began

For 77 years, we have been connecting people with networks. 

Core to Spac’s DNA is a mindset of getting started, innovating, and being bold. Spac was created in 1945 by two engineers who were graduates of the Arts et Métiers engineering and research Institute. Right from the outset, Spac had a presence in pipeline work in the Ile-de-France area of the Paris region and over the decades, we have expanded our palette of activity and vastly increased the number of locations we have in France and abroad, as well as developed new fields of expertise. 

We have done all that with the same mindset of proactively getting things started, and with the same drive: to design innovative solutions and to bring them to our customers. We continue to innovate today to meet needs around network design, construction and maintenance.

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