Civil Engineering

Segec, a Spac subsidiary since 1936 at La Châtre in central France, sets up and renovates Civil Engineering works as well as Water Civil Engineering structures and infrastructure (reinforced concrete tanks and storage areas for treating and storing drinking water and waste water), as well as railway structures. SEGEC also restores and consolidates building work.


For 85 years, our people have been working in central France close to local communities on the construction, restoration and reinforcement of bridges, support walls, and walkways. Our teams travel across the area to support SPAC entities, bringing with them their expertise and their technical specialism areas adapted to the different environments.

SEGEC benefits from having a ‘heavy prefabrication’ plant where works and parts of works are built in line with customer specifications. This reduces delay, reduces the environmental impact, and also means that we offer competitive services. 

Our Civil Engineering activities

  • Heavy prefabrication: Infrastructure and elements of structural works (including support walls, slabs and beam-slabs, moulding). Water-related civil engineering works (well and tank rings, flow-control channels, technical facilities, customised viewing facilities). Prefabrication for building. (posts, joists, reinforced concrete floor slabs). Specialist reinforced concrete works (PASO, Mirador prison, ….).
  • Water-related Civil engineering: storage facilities, drinking water treatment plants, waste water treatment plans, collection wells 
  • Infrastructure: Upper and lower walkways, roads and railways, passenger bridges, support walls, building walls, subterranean work 

Our assets

  • A team of experienced specialists that are available and able to make recommendations
  • Our own prefabrication plant, suitable for all kinds of work
  • An own-name concrete plant, with concrete that is well-suited to the environment
  • A global offering adapted to all projects
  • Our commitment to limiting the impact of what we do on the environment, and to protecting biodiversity 

Our achievements