Clean-up pollution

Colas Environment, founded in 1981, is the oldest clean-up business in France. The people at Colas Environment undertake all kinds of customised decontamination work, the aim being to clean up soil and groundwater, manage pollution, and revitalise brownfield sites. Colas Environment makes use of innovative techniques that are carefully matched to the site’s pollutants and constraints, and works with both internal clients and external industrial entities of Spac and the Colas Group.

Our solutions

  • Regeneration and conversion of industrial brownfield sites
  • Change of use
  • Cessation of activity
  • Objective: net zero artificialisation 
  • Management of polluted ground, sludge, and/or dangerous waste
  •  Analytical sorting by specialist personnel
  •  Well-managed traceability
  • Optimisation of costs and time periods
  • Treatment on sites in operation
  •  National strategy for polluted sites and ground
  • Targets set out by the French Directorate for Environment, Development and Housing (‘DREAL’)
  •  Application of Prefectural Orders
  • Treatment of effluents
  • Drawdown water
  • Odorous gas
  • Industrial waste water/leachates

Key figures

  • 1981: Date of creation of Colas Environment
  • 1st company to be triple-certificated
  • 7 locations in France
  • +2000 completed sites 

What we’ve achieved


Le plus grand chantier de dépollution de France