Spac has a long history in energy distribution, meeting the needs of its customers around high and low voltage distribution as well as in laying high-voltage cables.

Our teams are happy to handle the set-up and maintenance of your equipment. 

Subterranean high-voltage connections

Our high-voltage teams are specialists in transporting electricity from 63kV to 400kV and are able to manage sites from the earthworks stage (mechanised, underground, great depth) right through to the cable-laying stage (open cut, casing, drawing long lengths through, rolling out in tunnels using self-propelled rollers) and then refilling.

We have also developed comprehensive expertise in the clean-up of oilfill-type connections thanks to the development of internal competencies (including in piping and checking for absence of voltage) as well as those of Colas Environment for managing oil, and Hydrogen risks.

We are specialists in complex roll-out operations and, on the back of significant investments in unwinding materials, have the capacity to unwind cable drums up to 90T, as well as unwinding in tunnels and galleys up to 2500ml.  

Electricity distribution

Spac teams also specialise in gas and electricity distribution, and we provide support every step of the way: consultancy, design, surveying, bringing into operation, set-up, strengthening, burying and extension of networks. Our teams also specialise in emergency operations.

We work in urban and rural areas and for both public and private clients. Our specialists undertake primarily quick interventions on a variety of set-ups: ground levelling, laying and connecting high and low voltage cables, public lighting, burying networks, and recharge terminal points.

What we do

  • Civil engineering for high-voltage subterranean connections
  • Rolling out high voltage cables at aerial or subterranean level, and in tunnels
  • Laying high-voltage cables  
  • Distribution
  • Penstock piping
  • Biomass
  • Solar and wind power farms
  • Mounting of accessories (such as cases and boxes)
  • Pulling through cables
  • Supply and installation of lamp posts
  • Connections, cabinets

What we acheived


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