Health and Safety

    Health and Safety are major focus areas for Spac. We aim to consolidate our health and safety culture.
    Spac is committed to doing the best for its people. We actively strive to ensure that all our workers enjoy exemplary working conditions, where health and safety risks are minimised. In the same way, security and crisis management contribute to the overall safety of our workers and our business.

    Developing a health and safety culture across all stakeholders

    Spac’s goal is to be ‘zero-accident’ – and to that end, Spac safeguards the health and safety of all workers by complying with the legal provisions in force in the countries in which we operate. We also work on ad-hoc awareness and prevention programmes by making available the equipment best suited to each person’s needs to our workers. 

    Rolling out a security and crisis management initiative

    Another priority is the protection of our workers against malicious acts, as well as the protection of the Group’s activity. Actions are rolled out to prevent and anticipate the principal risks, as well as provide support in crisis situations.