Health and Safety

    Spac is a business with strong values that are upheld by every one of our staff members. Our target is operational excellence everywhere we work, and our rigorous standards apply likewise to our Health, Safety & Environment policy with:

    • One ambition: zero accidents
    • One objective: zero deaths

    Accidents are not inevitable. Our work involves all kinds of risks, and our common duty is to protect everyone at their workplace. We simply cannot accept the death of a person while they are at work. Our expectation for everyone is ‘LIFE COMES FIRST’: no work is so important that it is worth risking a life to do it!

    Because we feel so strongly about it, and in response to that central safety consideration, we have put together the programme ‘Life Comes First’. There are 3 keys to the prevention of major accidents:
    -    KEY 01: managerial excellence
    -    KEY 02: a Health & Safety culture to nurture the right mindset – a Health Safety & Environment culture
    -    KEY 03: operational excellence.

    Christophe DUGAIL, CEO of Spac

    Safety: a fundamental value of everyone, for everyone

    Safety is a fundamental value. It is an integral element of Spac’s culture of operational excellence.
    “The main thing about being a responsible entity in the domain of transport infrastructure and water distribution, as well as in the energies necessary to preserving natural resources and achieving an energy transition, is the contribution you make to the health and safety of everyone. We owe it to every involved party to be able to work safely – but most of all, we owe it to ourselves, our staff, and our partner businesses. Central to our operational excellence and our economic performance is our ability to set up our worksites safely and reliably.” Christophe DUGAIL  
    What that means is that the basis of the management and structuring of Spac’s operational tools is Spac’s fundamental value: safety – and we also comply with the most rigorous and stringent health standards.

    Support, expertise, proximity, empowerment: the keys to an effective HSE

    Spac’s operating mode, based on proximity and empowerment, means that we have autonomous teams empowered to manage risk across a worksite’s life cycle. Our view is that responsiveness does not flow simply from rules and regulations but flows also from the skills and the capacities to deal with responsibilities. Proximity to management and a quick-decision process are also real assets meaning that rapid action can be taken, limiting the consequences of any potential incident.

    Health Safety Actions: 3 focus areas

    • Safety of people: a fundamental Spac value (focus area 1)

    Major risk prevention is incorporated into what we do right from the first preparation phase of our sites, and throughout their set-up.
    Our ‘Neurosciences and Safety’ initiative is one of our risk prevention levers that disrupts habits and embeds our safety routines into the heart of our worksites.

    Safety meetings with our stakeholders at worksites take place frequently, providing opportunities to discuss the various aspects of Safety at the heart of the working day. 

    • Safety on the road – an everyday challenge (focus area 2)

    Driving motorised vehicles and machines is no trivial matter. Our road safety policy, underpinned by 7 commitments to achieving a safer trip, demonstrates our drive to keep pushing forward on our road risk prevention actions and improving the outcomes we see. 

    • Health: at the heart of our concerns (focus area 3)

    We have tasked ourselves with reducing – effectively and in every circumstance – exposure to work-related risks for our staff and all stakeholders. Analysis of health risks encompasses chemical, biological and ergonomic risks, and these are the focus point of a risk evaluation survey.   

    Here at Spac, innovation and prevention go hand in hand

    • In late 2022, the French Professional Prevention Organisation for Public Works and Buildings ran the second iteration of its Prevention Victories events designed to recognise and reward the best initiatives aimed at improving Health and Safety on worksites.
    • Nominated in the ‘Prevention Management’ category, Spac presented its project ‘Neurosciences and Safety – Enhancing the reliability of our managerial routines’. The initiative is part of the business’s ‘Act and Commit Together’ project and is designed to consolidate the health and safety culture and move prevention forward by drawing on neurosciences. Spac has, since 2021, been putting together customised training modules to raise awareness among staff of human error, and has also created drill kits that are entertaining, innovative, and easy to access.
    • The panel was struck by such an innovative approach and awarded Spac the silver medal for its pioneering initiative designed to advance prevention in the business. 

    Program ‘Life Comes First’


    Life Comes First