Heating and cooling networks

Heating and cooling networks designed and built by Spac are there to deliver comfort in the form of heat or cooling systems, while also reducing CO2 emissions. We deal with both public and private sector users, and always consider the environment.

Heating and cooling networks (Thermie)

In the thermal domain (cooling and heating networks), Spac handles primarily the construction and maintenance of works related to distribution from the production of hot, cooled, and overheated water all the way through to its point of use. 

Our experts handle the design, construction, and maintenance of heat and cooling distribution and transport networks from the production site right to the place of use, drawing on their detailed knowledge (including in ground levelling, civil engineering, welding, heating works, checking, and activation).

Our teams work on drains, tunnels, gutters, buried networks, and also substations.

What we do

  • Design and engineering
  • Supply
  • Construction
  • Support with start of operational activity
  • Cogeneration (recovery of fatal heat)


What we have done