Reducing the impact of what we do

    Our work sites and our activity are anchored in the local area, and so Spac proactively reduces the environmental impacts of what we do – our construction and the work we do – on neighbourhoods and on users. That encompasses the improvement of production processes to the reduction of environmental impacts, as well as engagement in local dialogue as a way of promoting tolerance of sites and works and construction sites.

    Reducing the environmental impact of what we do

    A minimum environmental standards policy has been drawn up and rolled out at Colas Group level and also among its subsidiaries, including Spac. A range of themes specific to the relevant business activity are covered, including 

    • Management of water 
    • Atmospheric and aqueous waste 
    • Odours 
    • Waste

    Promoting societal tolerance of our installations and sites

    Over and above impact management measurement, societal tolerance should also encompass listening and working with residents and users to anticipate conflict situations. Spac implements tools to identify and locate different nuisance sources, and suggests applications mainly to facilitate communication between residents and workers on the ground. 

    Together with local dialogue training, Spac supports its construction site and work site managers who are in direct contact with users and residents. That means that people can get to grips with complex subjects as close to the ground as possible, in a way that is properly adapted to the local situation.