Renewable energy

Energy transition is going full steam ahead, and the proportion of energy we get from combustible fuel is declining in comparison to energy from renewable sources. Spac is responding to current energy challenges and supporting the energy transition through its involvement in the following domains:     


  • Hydrogen
  • Hydro-electricity
  • Solar and wind units
  • Biomass and methanisation
  • Urban and industrial cooling and heating networks



The production of H2 (via electrolysis or gasification) as well as its storage and distribution require the transportation of electricity, water and gas. Significant H2 usage, that is produced from renewable energy, opens up a wide field of possibilities to achieve the objective of carbon neutrality by 2050.

Within Spac, we have the full range of skills & specialisms needed to serve the gas and energy sector, including dihydrogen.

What we do

  • EPC/turnkey projects
  • Work in partnership with groupings for calls to tender
  • Financing/subsidy/investment set-up
  • R&D projects, ad hoc solutions
  • Engineering, BIM 

What we have achieved