Environmental and climate challenges – along with changes in usage – bring with them both constraints and opportunities for Spac. To that end, Spac is developing services and offerings related to sustainable development concerns. The goal? It’s to develop solutions that anticipate changes in usage, and that respond to environmental, climactic, and societal challenges.  

    Developing services and offerings linked to the challenges around sustainable development

    Offers and services at Spac are constantly evolving in order to best respond to the challenges of sustainable development, and to the expectations of the various stakeholders. To take all that into account, Spac considers the following:


    •    To preserve the resources (materials, energy, water etc),
    •    To alleviate the impact of climate change thanks to its low-carbon and soft mobility solutions among other things,
    •    To adapt to climate change (ecological engineering, clean-up of ground and water, among others) 

    Designing and proposing the infrastructure of the future

    Our historic expertise in water and energy storage, transport, and distribution is such that we are ideally positioned as the flagship entity in designing and proposing infrastructure of the future that is safe, sustainable, accessible, shared, and connected – as well as the new functionalities that might form part of the new infrastructure. Tooling and expertise support such as auscultation and BIM (a tool that makes it possible to create a digital twin of the work that is multi-dimensional and interoperable) backed up by partner ecosystems will be used to support the roll-out of these service offerings, which will encompass a number of domains: sustainable infrastructure management using the same model as that of performance contracts; set-up of land in line with the evolution of usage, particularly with energy transition; and new infrastructure functionalities - including hydrogen and bio-gas. 

    Integrating stakeholders and promoting our CSR commitments in line with the UN’s Global Sustainable Development Goals agenda

    CSR is a differentiating business proposition for us insofar as we have developed a well-structured relationship with our stakeholders (including clients, engineering entities, investors, and business partners) to co-build sustainable solutions within our ecosystem: that is the goal of Spac. Our initiative is built on the way we listen to client and user expectations, and on the way we promote and develop Spac’s CSR strategy among its partners and customers.