Talent through managerial excellence

    Spac underpins its status as a responsible employer by drawing on 4 founding principles: attract, integrate, retain, and develop. These principles are fully integrated into our ESR commitments, and in turn support the Group’s values and employer branding: Respect, Share, and Be Bold. 

    Attracting and retaining talent

    Spac has put in place a strategy designed to attract the talent of the future, thereby reflecting the plurality of society – encompassing diversity of gender, age, ethnicity and culture. It means that the Group is able to create an inclusive work environment where everyone feels that they are respected and valued for their contribution. What’s the goal? It’s for every worker to reach their full potential throughout their professional career.

    Developing the skills of our workers by strengthening managerial excellence

    Spac invests in the development of its workers’ skills in order to:

    •   Strengthen know-how,
    •   Encourage professional development,
    •   Anticipate changes in how work is done.

    These actions are rolled out through digitalised and adapted training, the creation of an always-learning culture, and also equality of opportunity in making progress.

    Creating a great work environment for workers

    Worker engagement is crucial: Spac supports employees in creating a work environment that matches expectations.
    That happens by listening to workers, and implementing action plans at local level.
    For 2021 at Spac, the Women/Men Equality Index figures were as follows: 

    •    Spac: 84/100 points
    •   Colas SA: 88/100 points